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This kit contains all the items a person would need when traveling locally or internationally. Its practical travel size items. THIS ESSENTIALS KIT WILL ALWAYS SHIP FOR FREE FOR ORDERS IN THE USA.

Destination Unlimited Travel Kit

  • Contents:

    1. Reusable Travel Mask and Travel Bag- Instead of placing the mask in your pocket or on a surface in-between uses. Keep the mask in your bag.

    2. Soap and Lotion- Hand washing for 20 secs is the most effective ways to kill the COVID-19 virus. Keep hands moisturized with lotion.

    3. Hand sanitizer- When you're unable to wash your hands. Sanitize as you go and limit touching surfaces.

    4. Luggage Tags (Vary)- Convenient and fun luggage tags for identifying your items.

    5. Pens- Writing on custom forms and everyday use.

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